WHICH 3d software should you buy? I don't know, but I am noisy. This is starting to get fairly dated.

presentation thumb Presentation
Presentation images for work. Presentation went well, I'm told. Viz. Photoshop.

20x20 Thumb 20x20.html
Fella in alt.architecture was talking about a 20x20 house for 2 people. Posted an ascii plan. I used it for an exercise. The ascii at the top of the page is his, the rest is my modeling off that. Working w/ 3ds max 5 and the radiosity with lots of (the default, actually) color bleed. Everybody likes the chairs.

Cubes Thumb cubes.html
This thumbnail represents the first shiney cube picture. From there I branched out. Into the cubes. Fewer cubes. Eaten cubes. Anim w/cubes. Then the whole script based colour cubes.

ADA Restroom Thumbnail loo.html
Just finished an AutoCAD class. "Plans and Elevations". The last project was an ADA Restroom, plan and four interior elevations. We were pretty much given everything we needed, so it boiled down to "copy the drawing". Already knowing how to copy a drawing, I set about trying to learn something. Decided that I didn't know anything about AutoCAD 3d, so I'd do the whole thing in 3d and generate my drawings from the model. I learned some stuff. While I was at it, I figured it would be a good MAX project as well since I'm still really a rank beginner even though I've been dabbling with it for ages. Learned some stuff in MAX too. Renderings still need help, but I'm likely to just move on to other things instead of finishing this, now that the class is over.

RIGHT now, there's only four MAX renderings on the page. I'll throw some ACAD drawings up eventually and maybe some fun/weird stuff from MAX too.

Bryce picture bryce.jpg
One of the few things I've done in Bryce that I liked. Actually, this is a composite of two images.

lego sculpture lacy.jpg
Using Painter to create the lacy image which is used as transparency and bump map. Make a separate color map. Combine them. Slap the texture on some rectangles. This is new work, but it is starting to successfully follow a thread that's been lurking frustrated in my head for quite some time. Here's an animated GIF.

lego sculpturelego.jpg 640 x 480 44k
Just a throw together for the folks on rec.toys.lego. Uses my favourite stock 3DS (R1) texture - bumpy metal. It's a thing I made and decided that I really liked.

This is an old image created with a program called MegaMODEL. The image showssome artefacts from being enlarged. I don't remember why, and I don't care enoughto fix it.

The same (don't count the piers) bridge as in bredge.gif, but seen from a more dramatic angle. The shadingis hand accomplished. Deluxe Paint II was used to make a simple hidden linedrawing prettier.

This was a quick sketch in 3D-Studio of a Human Factors class project. We wereto design a remote control for the set-top box from hell or some such. One bitmap was used to map the labels on the keys. You will notice that the I didn't get the map to fit exactly on the keys. I don't think we used the image in the end anyway. The thing of it is, that it took me just a few hours after dinner one day to throw this together. Computers are cool.

Just quickly whapped together with MAX. Then tiled in Painter to make wrapping paper.

Wipes Thumb wipes.html
Not even a tutorial. A quick chat and a 3ds max (4.2) project showing a tedious way to have a slide show inside your max scene with cool wipes.

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