Gruhn's Collage

I don't collage well. I like to -:| separate |:- things from each other. I like a broad grid and a linear narrative. Now that I'm an Architecture Student I think that may well turn out to be a shortcoming.

In order to do something about this, I am starting to collage. Besides, I need something to keep my fingers busy while I wait for -:| Maxwell renders |:- . They may never get good.

Ireland 1ireland 01 - Bits of Ireland. The first of the lot. Starting with a methodology where I grab a bunch of images from one topic folder and drop them in a workspace and collage. So far (that is, all of one attmempt) I have succeded in sticking to a "now that you've picked them, you must use them all" rule.

Arms 1arms 01 - Various shooting related pics. That woman looks weird out of context (just a trade show). Gunny Hathcock in black and white stands out too contrasty.

Sword 1sword 01 - Started this one and I could feel a "don't wanna" lurking in the background. Went at it anyway and it started shaping up. Made the blue brocade by hand and tossed a few things that weren't fitting in well. "But I'm trying to make it spartan and stereotypically Japanese...". That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. The guy on the background could use a little more definition on his clothing edges; just enough to suggest his shape better. The guy in the foreground I would like to be less horribly jpeggy.

Letters 1letters 01 - One night when I really should have gone to bed but didn't want to. I'm not particularly keen on this, but I'm including it since I did it and it qualifies. Not including it would be cheating. It was not planned for the letters to be paired with themselves.

Ireland 2ireland 02 - The Ireland ones come out messy. And with potentially controversial images in the middle. Hm. The knotwork and the panorama are my own images. For a change. The piper doesn't work.

Hoover DayumHoover Daym - Sure enough, we got a collage assignment early in Studio A1. Here's one of them. Look for the rest over here. I forget what the assignment was for those. This looks to be something of an explanation.

Japanese Seasons

Have to do a collage about the Tea Ceremony. One aspect I wanted to include is the importance of the seasons. So I made these four little season indicators to use on the main piece. I've never been to Japan, let alone experienced the seasons there so they may well ring poorly for some people. I'm pretty stoked about the three barring summer.





TeaTea - There we go. Tea Ceremony collage is done. Well, "done." I need to do other things.