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ninjatrout.avi 200 x 80 or something 1.8 Meg
An AVI of a Ninja Trout moving stealthily through the forest. Ninja trout? We were sitting there at dinner one day and that's what the guy across from me ordered. So I drew one in my trusty sketch book. Scanned him in and used him here.

Pretty darned huge. If you've got the bandwidth, it's cute. I've got to get better at making movies. The movement in this could stand to be faster. Make the thing half as long. Probably get it down to 1.2Meg that way. Dunno, just starting to learn. As it is, it's real slow, but looks kinda cool.

Yep, did it with Painter. Drew some cels. Animated them with a script. Drank coffee.

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