Most of my computer paintings were made with MetaCreations's "Painter" (used to be Fractal Design's, but they merged), MetaCreations's "Kai's Power Tools", a Wacom pressure sensitive drawing tablet (buy one now) and surprisingly little skill. I use a lot of Effects: Apply Surface Texture in conjunction with feathered floaters.

A few were made with Deluxe Paint II. A great and pioneering program from which many ideas have been taken by today's powerhouse paint programs.

Image Viewing - Images are given their very own HTML page to be viewed on. This does add a few bytes of overhead to your download time, but comes with some swell benefits.

1 - Images can be displayed with my choice of background colors, to enhance their appearance. Think of it as a carefully (hmm hmm) chosen mat.

2 - If I designed an image to be tiled, I use HTML's tiling background feature to display the image tiled as the background on the page.

3 - Those images that are inherently huge (bigger than 640) are displayed at WIDTH=100%. This shrinks them down so you can see the whole image at the sacrifice of some detail. Usually not a problem. Those times where I think it to be a problem, you will not see image scaling.

If you don't like the presentation of an image that its HTML page gives (or just can't see it), you can load only the image by clicking on the three letter extension displayed after the image name. An example: (.GIF).

Image Info - Some of those images that warrant it contain extra blathering or construction tips & tricks. More with time. Under construction and all that rot, eh wot?

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