Bulk Digicam

Go out. Take pictures. Dump them to computer and plonk them here. Mostly nothing other than resized down to fewer pixels. Since there are so many, I compressed them a little strong.

On the way home from work.

Other stuff.

Virginia. Wedding and UVA.

6-25-99. Around home and the office.

6-29-99. Around home and the office.

7-4-99. Around home and the office.

7-7-99. The Monsoon on the inrush.

Doesn't have a date.

9-3-99. Around the side yard at school and on the way up to the hardware store.

9-21-99. We get some nice sunsets in the desert.

9-26-99. Has some rainbow.



2001-01-13. Choo-choo train. Chicago. Colorado. New Mexico.

2001-03-18. Couple weeks before in downtown Phoenix. Trip to Globe, AZ. Back along "Apache Trail".

2001-11-25. Utah. Zion. Bryce.

2002-09-02. Grand Canyon. Etc.

2002-12-17. Oak Creek Canyon. Sunset Crater. Cactus Garden.

2003-03-04. Taliesin West.

2003-03-23. Four Peaks. Flagstaff. Sedona. Cactus Garden.

2003-043-25. Around SCC campus for sculpture field trip. Also see road runner, "Campus Security" throwing rocks at people and a boojum tree.

2003-07-28. Cape Cod. Nantucket. Fly over.

2004-05 Superstition, Sunset Crater, Wupatki, Petrified, Painted, de Chelley.

2004-08-15 The Sonic I designed, some sky, some bucket wheel trencher.

2009-05-07 RPI, Williams, The T.

2009-08-31 Hanging out down the Cape.

2009-09-05 Womble about Medfield after a trip to the bank.

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