Gruhn Looking - Still...

scaffold.html (.JPG) 512 x 768 115k
Scaffolding in a C5 hanger.

wing.html (.JPG) 768 x 512 55k
Part of the wing of a DC-3. With water droplets and rivets. The Competition: has been won after a very long time. Either nobody looks at this page or of the thousands of people who do, nobody knew the answer. Congrats to Larry.

pointup.html (.JPG) 576 x 384 20k
I had a bunch of pictures from Phoenix, but by the time I culled the ones that survived that last set of Photo-CD scans I was pretty much left with hardly anything. So I killed the Phoenix section and include here a plant.

zard.html (.JPG) 632 x 406 48k
Lizard. Sitting on a wall in Tampa. Lots of brightness/contrast work. Probably too much.

nomen.html (.JPG) The engine is not a toilet.

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