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This is just a quick sampler of the Norway trip now that I have my slide scanner. The slides seem better than the scans, but I haven't been able to project them yet, so I'm not sure. I am new at this eh?

Each image is around 80k. The largest dimension for each is 800 pixels. Any image that looks dark on the right side is my fault for making the camera act faulty. Maybe with careful touch up, I can correct for it on some images. Crossy fingy.

Here then, in no particular order is some of Norway and bits of other places.

In the Sognefjord. Or maybe a named side fjord. Such clear water. This isn't maybe the most Norwegian of pictures, but it is probably the best of my Norwegian pictures.

Got the house in exactly the wrong place. Oops. Still nice.

There is also a troll. Didn't know it was there until Mike pointed it out in California. Next time I'm in the area, I'll have a better look to see if it is on purpose or not.

I liked the rocks and moss in Norway.

We saw a lot of foxglove as we drove from Bergen to Oslo. They were a favourite because the purple contrasts so strongly with the prevelant greens and greys. Ooo, and beautifully too.

On the way into... um... a place. On the far right, I like the sculptural quality of the road curving around and down the hill.


A stave church. And then it rained on us.

Downtown Bergen.

The Elephant Drugstore.

This is up north more. Somewhere near Hammerfest. IIRC.

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