Of course, there's been some savage cropping done. And the whole thing had to be rotated to compensate for some overly casual off the cuff shooting. The light pole has been move a good 3.5 steps to the right (70 pixels). You can see best where it was on the wiggly line on the building. I didn't get it patched very well. The small window on the left was half covered by an ugly dumpster. The car in front of the big purple one used to be a tan pickup. I stole the back end of the white car on the right and put it in front of the big purple one. Then I had to erase the guy that was walking behind the white car. He shows up as a slight over fuzzing on the back right side of the rear window. The entire right passenger seat area is fake. So too is the shine of white you can see through the window in the big purple car. The CD scan was pretty bad. I'm having them redone. Maybe the new one will be better and I'll have the patience to try this again.

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