Las Vegas

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Why isn't it called "San Fran Kiss Co."? Because Hershey is in Pennsylvania? Anyway, I've been there a couple times now and took some pictures. The stuff that looks like and African Wildlife Refuge up in Napa? You guessed it...

The front of Bally's Casino. Big impressive entrance. Swooning lights. Tinkling music. Long conveyor belt. And then, when you get in the door, you go down a skinny escalator and come out on the casino floor in a dark corner feeling much like a servants' entrance. Cracks me up every time.

Part of the Coke store. Pretty. I like the coloured glass and the steel supporting structure. It's all very sculptural. Very pure materials. Metal. Glass. Oh, and sorry the file's a little big at 124k, but it just doesn't JPG well at those hard edges.

Hmm, this isn't as pretty as I think it is.

It's just NOT the same.

This one's good. Too bad it isn't in focus eh?

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