I used to program with Delphi. It was pretty cool and fun. Then some C and C++. Had fun one project writing OOP code in C. Was fairly proud of how well it worked. Then on to ... more Delphi! Sweet. Then some C# which we said was fun again.

Took some time off to worry about architecture during which I poked a couple times at scripting for 3ds Max. Picked up a workshop at school with some Python coding; first for a 2d library called Pygame then into Rhino. Result from that are over here. Then I got to TA for that class. Enjoyed that.

Python Samples

Threw down some sample code for the Python right here.

Delphi/Windows Transparent Apps

Wrote a tutorial for making apps with cutout sections using the WinAPI. I don't know how many people downloaded it but a couple liked it. It's right here.

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