Gruhn's Computer Painting - 1

Computer Painting - 1

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pretty.jpg 500 x 150 223k
More playing with gradients(KPT) and texture and glass and masks.

saudi.jpg 526 x 147 3k
A pretty picture I drew for Brad for his Saudi Arabia page.
Brad's Saudi Pictures. I made the pretty parts. (Hmm, I made some of the ugly parts too.)

plastic.htm (gif) 400 x 200 37k
I made this to play with Painter 3.1's new gif saving capabilities. I'm showing it to you here as an imbeded GIF on a real live web page so you can see the transparency. Actually, my new nameplate was done the same way.

dunno.jpg 500 x 500 33k
Playing with different brushes and effects. Having the stylus to draw with makes me a little more conscious of nice strokes. I don't know what this is, but it's pretty.

tfwhex.html(.JPG) 329 x 380 12k
A background pattern that I drew for Telix for Windows 1.x.

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