Gruhn's Computer Painting - 2

Computer Painting - 2

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knot.gif 800 x 600 38k
I've had a thing for Celtic knotwork for some years now. If you want a text, look for Celtic Art The Methods of Construction, George Bain. This thumbnail is only a small part (shown about actual size) of a large repeating pattern.

livebait.html(.JPG) 540 x 380 26k
More of this playing around.

sqrmllam.jpg 540 x 380 46k
This was inspired by a photo of grafitti I have that says "Imagine a thousand burning alligators" and is the second in a series of images (so far two long) that place my friend, Llama's name in grafitti. No 3D programs were used. All effects were created in Painter.

roseinc.gif 385 x 600 14k
Drawn originally in pencil on a letter to Vicki. "A rose by any other name...".

ui.gif 800 x 600 38k
This was used as a concept drawing for a Comp. Graph project. Just wondering what the program was supposed to feel like to the user. Deluxe Paint II was good for that.

capitol.gif 800 x 600 78k
I'm still not sure if this picture is any good, but something about it feels right.

collar.html(.GIF) 151 x 250 19k
I made some pretty squiggly stuff with KPT's Texture and Gradient Explorers. By the time I was done , there was this nasty little clown peeking out. He only took a small amount of munging to look a little more humanly proportioned.

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