Gruhn's Computer Painting - 3

Computer Painting - 3

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egypteye.html(.GIF) 96 x 42 2k
I made this for Range. He likes Egyptian stuff.

entrench.html(.JPG) 340 x 340 26k
This image is about man's inhumanity to man.

gelcap.html(.GIF) 32 x 120 4k
There isn't much to say about this image. It's kinda pretty. Tile it.

greenmts.html(.JPG) 420 x 221 9k
Painter version 3 added a way to make it easy to create tiling images. This is a boon.

leaf.html 1024 x 768 156k
This is of particular interest to people named 'Peter'. It was made for a friend of mine who lost all of his wallpaper when he moved to Phoenix. Actually, most of these were. It is a personal favourite of both of ours. Fractal Design contributed the leaf texture in an add on package to Painter.

martian.jpg 800 x 600 130k
Just a quick whap with KPT's Texture and Julia Explorers.

maze.html(.GIF) 400 x 400 72k
This thumbnail shows only a small portion of the larger maze, but a thumbnail of the whole maze just looks stupid. There's two rats and a pale yellow thing that shows how poorly I can draw cheese. The maze was created by human simulation of the standard recursive wall knockout maze algorithm. Then a whole lot of image manipulation. It was a tedious task.

mnm.html(.JPG) 400 x 400 38k
3D Studio created a bit of candy and Painter's Image Hose made it a desk top full.

rasfrog.gif 600 x 500 36k
Whimsy. Frog Stafari? Probably not. After I drew this, saw a shirt at Mass. Army Navy in Harvard Square. Shirt had some dancing dreadlocked frog on it. Said 'Rasta Frog' or some such. I was happy that I liked mine better. I had considered putting 'Rasta Frog' instead of 'Froggy Rasta' for the text. Didn't.

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