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There was this one time I flew from Dallas to San Francisco (not that I spend any time in Dallas,it's just a lay over) and the ground was visible and all the landmarks were sailing by. I know better than to be taking pictures out passenger jet windows from 41,000 feet up in the air, but I did it anyway. This is what I saw. Tweaked to try to make them visible. Oh, and these are all looking south or kinda west of south. And down.

opfield.html (.JPG) 768 x 512 73k
Cool round fields laid out on a square grid. Texas, not too long after DFW.

pinch.html (.JPG) 768 x 512 47k
I'm not sure if this is where this goes in the sequence. It could be the last sign of civilization in Texas, or it could be some non-sequitur in the middle of Nevada.

groove.html (.JPG) 384 x 576 45k
That may or may not be Monument Valley in the background.

canyon.html (.JPG) 576 x 384 44k
Maybe you have to think this stuff is cool, but I think it's way cool.

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